Relationship Specialist

Dr. Beth wades into corporate cultures that are negative and helps transform them into positive productive work environments that pay dividends on the bottom line, shareholder value, and employee satisfaction. Realizing that strong marriages make good business sense, she facilitates offers programs semiannually that strengthen and enhance the marriages of executives and successful entrepreneurs, and their spouses. Dr. Beth also provides Consulting, Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring services, both in-person and by telephone. For more information, go to the Consulting services page or the Coaching/Mentoring of people at meeting table

Dr Beth is a nationally recognized speaker and author. Her books include Helping Men Change: The Role of the Female Therapist (a ground-breaking book which addressed how female therapists could assist their male patients,) Her second book, Longing For Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact, has been printed in English, Czechoslovakian, Mandarin and Turkish. Her newest book, Aging Isn’t For Sissies will be released in June 2008.